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Are you finding that you are beginning to cycle through the same recipes over and over? Do you need some new dinner ideas for your family? Well you have come to the right place. We have found some yummy and healthy recipes that you and your family will love this summer. American Macaroni Salad. Load […]

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Here at Sunsational Home Improvement, our goal is to provide our clients with high quality products at the best price possible. Our products range from sunscreens to full patio re-do’s. We would like to highlight some of our products, so our clients can choose the best product to fit their needs. Solid Patio covers: Our […]

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As summer quickly approaches, we will be seeing an influx of those pesky creatures…. Mosquito’s! Here at Sunsational Home Improvement, we can sympathize with you, we don’t like them much either. We have done some research of our own to see how you can help keep them at bay this summer. You don’t want to […]

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Sunsational Home Improvement is a family owned and operated company based out of Provo Utah. Both Steve Brewer and Melanie Miller grew up in Murray Utah and have lived in Utah their entire lives. Steve has been working in the decking and patio cover installation business for 45 years now and continues to be passionate […]