Make it Pop! Make your patio your go-to destination in your home.

When you think of a patio most of the time you think of outdoor furniture and decorations. Well, times are changing, and decorations are evolving. Spice up your lawn furniture with decorative indoor pillows, and blankets. This will make your patio space cozy, inviting, and dual purpose. Once you are done using these decorations outside you can take them inside and utilize them where ever you desire.
Do you have an exterior brick wall that is just… blah? Paint it! Choose a fun color that accents your new patio cover, done by Sunsational Home Improvement, and you will be sure to love it. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way!
Add a playful colored outdoor rug to liven up your patio. If you have a large patio add a second rug to cover the space adequately.
Are you tired of your boring and dull outdoor light? Add twinkly lights or a chandelier to create the perfect ambiance on your patio. You will love your new lighting when you host your next BBQ or have a romantic dinner with your spouse.
Looking for the perfect piece of outdoor furniture? If you are aspiring to create a fun and vintage atmosphere on your patio, using a redone vintage table and chair set could be the perfect fit for you. Like I stated earlier, you can bring the indoors outside to create a cozy look and feel.
Liven up your patio with some planters that feature your favorite flowers. This will bring more color to your patio. Not only can you have fun picking out the plant’s, but you can make design choices concerning the pots as well.
Ideas in this post were found at HGTV and Country Living.
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