Helpful tips to winterize your patio!

As we begin to enter the beginning of Fall, we are nearing the time when we must begin to think about what we need to do to winterize our patios to ensure they will be in top notch condition come Spring time. Here are some tips and tricks to make sure you winterize your patio the right way!

Patio furnishings tend to be an investment, so we want to make sure that they are well protected from the elements this winter. Before storing them in a dry place, make sure to clean them off so they will be ready to go when Spring time comes. Make sure that after you wash the cushions on your patio seating that they are dry before placing the cover on them, so they do not grow mildew.

For all of you who love to BBQ during the summer months, make sure to place your grill and other grilling necessities are covered and stored in a dry area, kept away from snow. Another tip we urge is to disconnect the propane tank from the grill for your safety.

Fall is known for the beautiful changing colors of the leaves. It is important to rake the leaves in your yard so that when snow falls the leaves don’t kill the lawn. If you have lawn that died during the summer heat, Fall is the time to reseed so that when Spring comes your lawn will be rejuvenated and ready for summer.

To ensure that your patio will be ready come spring time, it is a great idea to power wash your deck so that it will be clean and ready to go when the time comes. This will help deter mold and mildew during the winter months. To further protect your patio, it is a great idea to put on a stain or sealer.

We hope that these tips and tricks will help you prepare your patio for the upcoming winter months. Tips were found at and

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