Some Fun Facts About Utah!

The state of Utah was settled by the LDS pioneers in 1847 and Utah was recognized as a state in 1896. In honor of Pioneer day here are some fun facts about our beautiful state of Utah!

  1. The man who invented the television was born in Beaver, Utah in 1906.
  2. The first transcontinental railroad was completed in Promontory, Utah in 1896. The railroad started in Sacramento and traveled through Omaha before ending here in our great state of Utah.
  3. The Dutch Oven became a state symbol because of the importance of this precious cooking necessity to the pioneers traveling west.
  4. Utah is the only state that has part of a national forest running through each county.
  5. The man who invented the Frisbee was born here in Utah.
  6. Utah eats twice the amount of green Jell-O than the rest of the world. Yum!
  7. We have all heard of the baseball team, the Utah Raptors. Well, they probably were named this because the Raptor was found primarily here in Utah.
  8. The very first KFC was founded in Utah.
  9. Salt Lake City was originally named Great Salt Lake City, but the Great was dropped in 1868.
  10. When Jim Bridger found the Great Salt Lake at first, he thought he had reached the Pacific Ocean.
  11. Utah has the highest rate in literacy in the entire United States.
  12. Utah’s four corners is the only place in the United States that four states come together.
  13. The Great Salt Lake is four times as salty as the any of the world’s oceans.
  14. Utah means “People of the Mountains” and was named after the Ute Native American Tribe.
  15. Utah has around 300 sunny days a year and holds the title of being the second driest state in the United States.
  16. Filmore, Utah was the original state capitol until it was changed to Salt Lake City in 1856.
  17. The state of Utah could fit inside of the state of California Two times over.
  18. Hill Air Force Base, in Ogden Utah, is the largest employer in the state of Utah.
  19. A higher percentage of Utahan’s are married than in any other state.
  20. Lagoon, located in Farmington, Utah is the oldest operating amusement park in the West.

We hope you enjoyed all the fun facts about our great state!! Happy Pioneer day!

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