DIY Summer Gardening

Do you want to spice up your back yard this summer? If you answered yes, you are in the right place. We have some fun gardening and yard decoration ideas for you.

Hit up your local thrift store in search of some large vintage cans. These make for a fun and unique item to plant your flowers in.

Do you have old dishes you are going to donate to the thrift store? If so, instead of donating them, break them up and affix them to a plain terracotta pot. This makes for a fun art project and a unique pot for your favorite flowers.

Take some old unused dresser drawers from a dresser you plan to throw away or donate and attach them to a ladder-shaped based. Feel free to paint the drawer’s fun and bright colors to make them stand out more. These drawers are the perfect place for you to plant flowers or herbs.

Do you like to use herbs in the kitchen? Believe it or not, you can plant herbs in file organizes. Once your preferred herbs are planted, hang the file organizes on the wall outside on your patio for easy access.

Incorporate a small water feature in your back yard. You can DIY one using small wooden barrels.

Do you want a fun and natural place to plant your favorite flowers? If you have an old stump, tilt it so it is standing upright, and it can make for the perfect planter.

Hanging plants on your patio is a fun way to add some color. Old colanders are great to plant flowers in and add a unique spin on hanging planters.

Plant succulents in a plastic tray and mount the tray on a wall on your patio. This makes for a beautiful live art piece.

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