Delicious and Healthy Summer Recipes

Are you finding that you are beginning to cycle through the same recipes over and over? Do you need some new dinner ideas for your family? Well you have come to the right place. We have found some yummy and healthy recipes that you and your family will love this summer.

  1. American Macaroni Salad. Load up your macaroni salad with all the yummy veggies your family loves and this salad will be the hit of the meal.
  2. Who loves shrimp? Well this dish is for all the shrimp lovers out there. Grilled shrimp with mango and lime salsa. This makes for a delicious and healthy meal for this summer.
  3. Let’s break out the mango! Combine mango and cucumber to make a refreshing and light salsa that will go perfect with tortilla chips.
  4. For a yummy and healthy desert this summer try grilling peaches on the BBQ till they are lightly browned then sprinkle them with a little brown sugar. Yum!
  5. Grill up some chicken and layer it with a homemade peach glaze, made by using peach jam or preserves, for a crowd-pleasing dinner.
  6. Broccoli salad is always a tasty addition to any dinner. Add two strips of bacon for a little indulgence, sunflower seeds and dressing and you have yourself a delicious salad that will teach your kiddos to love their broccoli if they don’t already.
  7. Who loves corn? Well then you may just be head over heals for this next salad! Boil the corn before shaving it off the cob with a knife, then add a little bit of mayo, queso cheese, chili powder and a little squeeze of lime and you will have a salad everyone asks for in the future!
  8. Slice up some potatoes, cucumber, tomatoes, radishes, and carrots, add a little bit of mayo and you have a healthier version of your classic potato salad.
  9. Grill up a juicy slice of pineapple, put some ice-cream on top with a rum glaze and you have the perfect, tasty summer dessert.
  10. Try grilling up mango, sprinkling some jalapeno’s over the top with a simple olive oil drizzle! Sounds like a great snack of dessert! Yum!

We hope you got some recipe inspiration for this summer season! Remember to share if you enjoyed!

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